A waterfall, expressing the wellspring of fresh energy pouring from within us.

With a strong focus on the heart, Katrice leads her clients into their own self mastery and personal empowerment.

About Katrice – Energy Healing Vancouver

Katrice Balmer, Intuitive Reader and Energy Healer, lives in Vancouver, British Columbia. A life of divinely-orchestrated, chance meetings and opportunities has propelled her in many new and exciting directions. She now works with people all over the world assisting them in their quest for their own self discovery, either in person or remotely through her inspired intuitive reading Vancouver or remote energy healings in Vancouver.

Katrice’s quest began when she was diagnosed with a potentially life altering physical problem. She was looking at the possibility of life in a wheelchair. For this very active and vibrant woman, this was devastating.

The options that were presented included a number of surgical procedures and months of recuperation....at the end of which there was no substantial guarantee that she would ever be able to walk again. At the time she was married to an absent husband and had two very active children. She couldn’t see how she was going to cope, until she made the decision that altered the course of her life.

She chose to take control of her own healing; something that previously had never entered her mind. Katrice did not have any operations and within a few months she healed enough to resume an active life.

To cope with what at the time was considered an ongoing disability, she was introduced to meditation, became involved with Reiki and other forms of healing and slowly but surely saw her life start to change. Many teachers appeared to her - people like her - with their own unique lessons and gifts to share.

Katrice's personal quest for self-discovery awakened her own natural intuitive abilities, which she now shares through the very sacred work that she is called to do.


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For Katrice the highest expression of her own gifts and talents is to help awaken others to their own.