You’ll gain insight into your own unique gifts and talents, get clear on the challenges on your path and learn to live your life from a place of higher consciousness.

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Soul Essence Intuitive Reading Vancouver
Energy Healing Vancouver (Vibrational Healing) sessions
Sacred Circle Meditations
Guided Meditation - New and Full Moon
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Special Event Meditations

Join with us as we celebrate special times of the year. Check back often for updates on our next Sacred Circle Meditations.

During our circles we will be:

  • Using breath work to bring us into a receptive state.
  • Grounding our physical self firmly into the here and now.
  • Opening to the White Light of Infinity as we purify our God/Goddess self.

We will then journey into a place of complete acceptance for our lives as they currently are - in preparation for the shifts in energy that always come during special times.

Please join with us as we move into a deeper place of acceptance for our lives and the lives of those around us.

Soul Essence Intuitive Reading Vancouver

A Soul Essence Reading is all about you. It is a vehicle through which you can gain clarity during times of transition and ease your Self into the next phase of your evolution.

By engaging the power of the mind with the wisdom of the heart, you are guided to discover your highest creative potential. This discovery prompts you to move beyond limitations or fears that may have held you captive, holding you back and keeping you stuck in ways of being that are not in alignment with who you are on a soul level.

Let go of the past – both this lifetime and all the incarnations you, on a soul level, have experienced. Move with confidence into the future from a place of deep inner knowing, as you discover and acknowledge your true soul’s purpose for this lifetime.

An Intuitive Reading Vancouver is available:
In person
By phone: (604) 685-4143
By email:

Rate for readings: $35 for 15 minutes

$65 for 1/2 hour

$120 for one hour

Energy Healing Vancouver Sessions

These sessions of energy clearing, balancing and healing bring all the energy bodies into a state of harmony and balance... physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Reiki, auric cleansing, cranial sacral and pranic healing modalities are combined, and in special circumstances, painless psychic surgery will be employed. These energy healing Vancouver sessions are extremely relaxing and energizing. Tensions and pain disappear as you allow your Self to be guided through dense or lower based discordant energies. Many people treat these sessions as they would their regular massages or chiropractic treatments.

You will be taken into a meditative state, utilizing the breath and guided visualization, as you lay down on your back, fully clothed. We open to the assistance of your spiritual hierarchy and are elevated into a higher place of consciousness as we move fully into the session.

You are free to ask questions and share whatever comes up for you at any time throughout your session. There are times of silence as we simply let the energy flow and, there are times when I will be asking questions and sharing insights as they come to me.

Problem areas within the physical structure will be addressed and any nutritional requirements will be shared as well.

Sessions last between 1.5 and 2 hours. I am also available for Remote Distance Healing which is equally powerful for those of you who do not live in the Vancouver area.

Rate for Energy Healing:

$150.00 for 1.5 - 2 hours

Guided Meditations

Sacred Circle Meditations

Tuesday evenings at 7:00 p.m. in Vancouver. A nominal drop in fee of $10.00 is requested. Please call for more info

A sacred stage is set upon which we are asked to shine our light and open to the fullness of our Being. Each week we will continue the work of bringing our Higher Self Consciousness more fully into our daily lives. The format of our circles includes:

  • Individual mini Intuitive Readings
  • Group discussion
  • Breath work
  • Deep grounding exercises
  • Strengthening the connection to our Higher Self
  • Guided visualizations

Please feel free to send an email to be added to our Workshops, Classes and Sacred Circle Meditation lists.

Group Guided Meditations for Personal Empowerment

Group Guided Meditations are ongoing in Vancouver on the New Moon and the Full Moon. The focus of the New Moon is on sowing the seeds for our growth over the coming weeks. The focus of the Full Moon is on bringing these seeds to fruition and basking in the glow of the Gods and Goddesses.

You are relaxed into a state of receptivity using the breath and grounding exercises. Katrice shares an inspirational message as the focus for the evening and then allows the meditation to flow from Source.

Groups are on a drop in basis always. Call for more information and directions. Please call if you are planning on being in the Vancouver area and I will be happy to make room for your presence in our circles.

Private Guided Meditations for Personal Empowerment

I am also available for Private Guided Meditations in my home in Vancouver. Here the focus is on whatever area you choose. Most people have a reading and/or an energy session, prior to a private meditation.

Once you have already had a reading, you are aware of the issues you are working with. Your energy session allows you to take it a step further and clear energetically from the physical body.

A private guided meditation will allow you to see very clearly what is ahead and what it is that you are meant to be doing, from a fully conscious relaxed state.

1 hour private meditation - $60.00

Private Guided Meditations for Relaxation

A Private session is also very beneficial for those who are looking to relax and rejuvenate. It allows you a place to fully relax and let go of the stress and concerns of your daily life.

You are guided into a fully relaxed and receptive state where I will be giving you personal affirmations and power words for you to take back into your world and the world of your relationships.

1 hour private meditation - $60.00

Special Group Meditations

I am available for groups in the privacy of your homes or offices as requested. These prove to be very popular in the work place on lunch hours or before big presentations where a group focused intention is required.

Call for availability.

Payment Options

Contact Katrice to book or participate in a session before paying. If you would like to pay with a Visa or Master card, click below.


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