"...and he said: 'Mariela, this has been the very first time in my life that I see your eyes with so much happiness, but more than that with so much sweetness. They look so clear and beautiful.' "


Thank you Katrice for a truly powerful, encouraging and supportive reading. You are amazing and have provided clear and wise guidance to assist my journey. Thank you for your sincerity and genuine concern.... and for your partnership in the light.

Mark Burns
Maitland, New South Wales
Note: Mark and I did our sessions together over the Internet

Hi Katrice....I want to thank you for the good feeling I had today. It really felt so healing. I expressed that to my husband, and right away, he saw into my eyes, and he said: "Mariela, this has been the very first time in my life that I see your eyes with so much happiness, but more than that with so much sweetness. They look so clear and beautiful." That has been the most beautiful compliment my dh has said to me. I told him: "Katrice told me that it was my true essence, my inner soul coming shinning out through me. His response was: " What ever it was, this wonderful lady knows what she is doing."
Thank you Katrice, once more, and looking to see you forward next Wednesday, at 1:00p.m.

Love and respect,

When I first met Katrice, I broke into tears, I knew she was the one I needed. She has brought clarity. healing and magic to my life. My meditations with her bring peace, happiness and joy to my heart, and I always feel like I float out of her home. Katrice has done healing energy work with me as well, and it was my first time. It was an experience I will never forget. I am in a lot of pain physically and she removed that from me for some time so I was able to think straight. I look forward to time spent with Katrice.  She is my angel.

Thank you, Katrice
Joann R. 
Vancouver, B.C.

"Katrice has always had the most amazing ability to create "home" whenever I am in her presence.  This is a place of safety, acceptance and a willingness that embraces all aspects of your being.  Her gentle guidance can take you there in a "blink of an eye" and remind you of the tools you have to enable you to face that which is your illusion."

Much love,
Crystal Starr

While searching for guidance and inspiration on a trip to Kauai a few years ago....I was drawn to a small house/boutique/bookstore located near the edge of Kapaa....and THERE I found Katrice.  An accidental/on purpose meeting although I wasn't aware of it at the time.

At my request, Katrice visited with me at my vacation rental and gave me a most fantastic reading.  I found her words to be very insightful and meaningful.  Her ability to see and understand my inner thoughts and feelings amazed me and she was so very correct in her predictions for my future. 

Since that time she has given me three more readings... two by telephone...and each time I have been uplifted and renewed.

I would highly recommend Katrice for inspirational and insightful readings.  She also shows compassion and feeling for her clients not to mention she has a most gracious smile and a great sense of humor.  I am so happy our paths have crossed.

Evie S. Brunner
Salt Lake City, Utah


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