An Attitude of Gratitude

May 24th, 2014


I find myself in a wonderful place in my life.  Perhaps I should re-phrase that. I have come to this place in time…..a time where I can finally say I am in love with my life.

It certainly has little to do with what I possess.  Neither does my financial state, nor my relationship status have any bearing on my newfound happiness.  Perhaps it is my state of mind, my thought processes and my ability to feel abundant in every moment just because I can.  What a shift in perception and, I must admit, a more harmonious place to reside.

This place within is not where I resided for the bulk of my life I must admit.  Many years were spent in a place of panic, sadness, confusion…….let’s just a negative energy permeated my Soul.  It wasn’t until I finally chose to set up house on my own that everything started to settle in – settle IN to a place of acceptance for me just the way I am.  For so many years there was fear in being by myself…..yes FEAR to be with me and me alone.  Now I can chuckle about it all because there is no more fear within ME.

When you think about it there really is nothing OUT SIDE of the Self that can have much bearing on the Self that resides within this physical body unless we allow this to be our truth.  In hindsight I realize my incessant need to be surrounded by others was due to a desire to deflect my own needs, which confused me.  I admit it was wonderful to be so needed by others that I didn’t have time to think about me.  At some point my vision cleared and I saw, through a clear lens, that I had been denying ME for a very long time.

It wasn’t until I took complete responsibility for ALL my choices that things started to change.  Most of the time I would plan, analyze and figure out how to do things with the least amount of stress or change possible allowing myself to resonate with the planned changes.  I’m sure many of you choose this way as well.  Why cause ourselves stress and grief when we don’t need it?

For me the biggest shift came about in the blink of an eye, the snap of the fingers and the decision was made to no longer accept a life of doubt, fear and sadness.  I just walked off the road I had been travelling and shut the door on it all.  Surprisingly, instead of the panic and fear of what was to be, it felt like I had burst free.  The not knowing what was next felt fine.  A trust in me had come over me and I just knew it would all work out.

And here I am in this place of gratitude for all that I have, for all that I am and for having the faith within to take a leap of faith and go for it.   I like to say I am now living a life of simple abundance with an open heart.  Sharing me and my own unique Joy is what is called for and I willingly embrace all that I am as I share me with you.

And so it is….Namaste

An Authentic Life

May 22nd, 2014

As I sit here feeling at peace with my lot in life, I am reminded that this was not always the case.  There were many times where I felt like nothing was going right, even when looking at it from the outside in, it “looked” like the perfect life….or at least what I had always envisioned the “perfect” life to be. I had it all, if you consider what most of us seek.

I had the husband, two healthy accomplished children, the nice house, two cars in the garage, vacations every year, friends, family….yet something was missing.  After many detours in life I realized that what I described as the perfect life was all outside of me, when all the while what was missing was ME.  By that I mean the authentic me – not the woman who was the wife, mother, friend, daughter – but who I was at the core.  And with that a new journey unfolded.  A journey in search of Self.

It wasn’t until I found myself totally alone that I started to uncover who I was and who had been hiding all the while.  Now the reason for my aloneness was a choice and not something that I consciously chose.  My Soul had had it.  All the years of sadness and not feeling quite right continued no matter where I was nor who I was with.  I realized that I just kept coming back to the feeling of being different or not capable of having what others had.

And then a realization hit.  I had all that I really needed within me.  It was not something others could give me.  I had to dig deep to unearth all that I was and, who I now know myself to be.  My process had always been to be like others or at least feel like I was the same as others in my circles.  And that was where I had made the ultimate mistake.

If we try to be like others then are we being true to our own essence?  Are we judging our accomplishments by what others feel are accomplishments or are we judging ourselves by what our Soul dictates.  A lovely battle ensues between who we think we should be and who we, in reality, are.  Time for some hearty soul searching.

Now I am on my own.  I still have friends, family and a lovely home but now, who I bring to the mix, is me in all my own uniqueness and that is good.  Of course, many have left my world as I have come into my own.  You see not everyone gets me but I do.  I am not like any other and that is just perfect.  What I bring to the world is a beautiful desire to be all that I can be for me.

It does not matter now whether I am what others want me to be.  It is what I choose to be. And what have I discovered.  I am a loving, giving, caring, nurturing Being who only wants the best for others.  The work that I now do and for which I receive much in the way of acceptance and gratitude, fulfills my need to be authentic in whatever way that manifests.

In the end it is not who you are nor what you do, it is how you feel at the end of the day when your head hits the pillow.  I give from my heart and trust that I am in the perfect place for me.  It is not in how others see you.  It is only in how YOU see you and when I look in the mirror I can smile because now, finally, I am at peace with me and my place in the world and this is good.

May you all find the peace that you seek as you settle into your rightful place in the world.


Seeing life as it is…

December 9th, 2013

For today I am simply setting my intention on seeing with clarity all that revolves around me - existing in my current world.  I yield to those insights that come while in a receptive state of mind.  I am listening with my heart for it is within the heart that we truly know the truth.  The mind chatter we hear when in a negative frame of mind can be quite debilitating if we get stuck on what we “hear” rather than what we “feel”.

On the wings of the Angels I am carried  forward to that place I seek…deep within my heart….the heart of ME.  Ebbing and flowing on energetic waves of thought.  Moving forward - then stepping back as I settle into a place of balance.  Challenging me to dig deep to unearth all those parts of me that have been asleep.  Calling once again on all parts of my Being to come together as a whole as I settle into me -Now.  Re-discovering who this Being is – residing deep within me.

A sense of wholeness permeates as the true essence of Spirit steps forward.  Those old ways and beliefs from days of long ago are part of this Being too however, a balance arrives, pushing me to step into that which is MY truth essence.

As Spirit breathes through me, I can literally ”feel” the power of simply being true to me.  I feel the power that comes with releasing old energy, as I resonate with the true essence of me.  As you read these thoughts, allow yourself to release old unwanted energies, those energies that are draining of you of your very life force energy.  Feel it in your bones and deep within.

Purify your thoughts and allow your mind to release all those old beliefs and attitudes about you and those around you.  Fill your mind with loving thoughts, caring thoughts, nurturing thoughts and feel your entire Being filling with a sense of light and ease.  Allow that sense of light and ease to filter down through your entire physical body as you become a whole purified Human infused with the light of Spirit.

So for today, I encourage you to be true to you and allow that ever-present spirit to flow unimpeded as you move further along your Path.

It is a good day.  Namaste


Counting Our Blessings

November 28th, 2013

Thankfulness is a truly empowering expression.  So, just for this moment, be thankful…for nothing OTHER that the moment.

It matters not what you are doing but for a moment, just stop.  Take a deep breath and feel the breath of life course through you.   You have much to be thankful for.

The other day someone asked me if she died, would her Soul be intact….would she get to heaven?   I thought for a moment prior to answering….and then I said “Your Soul never dies, it is only your physical self – the vehicle for your Soul – that leaves this dimension”.  She sat quietly for a moment and then said “REALLY?” seemingly incredulous at this revelation.  Now bear in mind, this is a young woman and I pondered the reality of living in a world where you contemplate death at such a young age.

So just for today, be thankful for the life force energy as it breathes through you.  I know that not everyone believes as I do and that is their choice.  MY choice however is to be thankful for everything just the way it is.  Of course, it took me a while to reach this lofty perch.

I too, like the aforementioned woman, pondered “leaving here” and lucky for me  Spirit has spoken and guided me through some pretty harsh experiences.  The younger me had a much harder time travelling through life’s hurts and yet, here I AM now, honestly believing that which rings true for me and allowing this to be the perfect vehicle in which to travel.

Its interesting when your perceptions change concerning that which you see before you.  Taking responsibility for this life and creating that which you desire is certainly worthy of a thank you to YOU.  I know that each morning when I do my morning ritual a smile appears as I know that I am exactly in the place I am meant to be…..just the way it is.  There are still discordant energies present around me, don’t get me wrong.  My attitude towards them has changed however and they are not interfering with my present state of joy and thankfulness.  It has freed up so much energy to be able to relate to circumstances from the level of the Soul… commit to what makes my heart sing.

I am fully committed to me and the work I am now ready to acknowledge as being my True Path.  This, committing to my True Path, has the honour of being that for which I am most thankful.  The old adage “you receive that which you give” comes to mind.

It is truly a wonderful place to be.

Blessings abound.



The Joy in Family

July 15th, 2013

In this day of grace. welcome in the presence of family.  There will always be those with whom you are closer to, in your heart.   Yet still there are many of your family with whom you will never spend time with in the present nor meet physically.  Still, we are all as One in the vibration of the Soul.

The Soul essence is what you resonate with when in the presence of family.  A lightness of Being, a fully open heart and a knowing that this is real – even within the midst of turmoil.  So, we invite you to welcome in the turmoil for it is within this vibration that you truly grow and discover who you are at the level of your Soul.  And know that the discoveries you unearth will change your life in ways you could have never  imagined.

When resonating within the true joy of family, time is effortless, for you understand where you come from and so too do they…..

The discovery of your part within your various families allows you to see clearly what is occurring within your world.  You can be on the sidelines watching it all and, at the same time,  you are fully experiencing the true joy that family CAN be.  For many, family conjures up feelings of sadness or anger which brings a negative vibration into the mix.  Allow yourself to understand your part in this same negative energy for all Souls are a blending of both the negative and the positive.  And with this understanding comes a great sense of release.

While one can never change the past, you can always reframe the present which in turns allow the future to flow effortlessly - with a minimum of stress.  Of course, while in the “reframing” part of your world, it may not feel or seem anything at all like effortlessness.  But trust in your own process and allow for the shifts to occur organically for all Souls involved.

It may not seem like an easy task but know that in acknowledging that there is a great joy to be found in the institute of family, the essence of your Soul can rise to the surface bringing you along for the ride.  Trust in your process and allow the potential of Joy to permeate you and those with whom you share your time.

And so it is…….


Fanning the Flames

May 2nd, 2013

Welcome this new day with a sense of JOY.    Those changes which have occurred of late, within your midst, are coming to fruition.  The stage is set for the next phase of this evolutionary process.  Yes…that’s right.  More changes are coming and it is imperative that you are prepared to move through the upcoming days with a firm sense of your purpose within it all.

By that we mean understand that all is shifting around you, not to cause you grief but to empower you to be more and to do more with your life.  If confusion is uppermost in your mind, ask for guidance from on high OR from within.  We are all aware that much has shifted, not only in our own lives but the whole planet over.  It IS time and this time has been prophesied by many seers and the native indigenous peoples of our earth from the beginning of time.

Breathe it all in and express the Joy at simply Being here at this wondrous time.  We are here to express that same joy in the gifts that have been imbued within us.  The sharing of these same gifts will enhance the Joy immensely.  Do not get caught up in what you see as negative in change.  Change is good for it moves us from one way of Being to another if we allow for the changes to occur in divine right time and order.

Trust your senses when seeking the changes.  Delve deep into your own  inner understanding as to the whys of the specific changes that you find yourself immersed in.  There really are no coincidences and EVERY thing has a reason behind it.  The challenge is to come to an understanding as to your particular whys.

Pay attention to the people you draw into your sphere.  Listen for the clues to the next step in your process.  Trust in this same process and be ever open to manifesting more in your journey to wholeness.

With Joy accept the Gift of Change in always moving free.  To find your spark and fan the flame of your own Divinity.

And so it is…



Angels in our midst

May 1st, 2013

You have all heard of the power of Angels to heal those in the earthly realm.  Most think of those etheric Beings as residing in the realm of the Heavens however Angels walk among us daily in earthly form.  When you stop and ponder this idea you probably have one or more of those wonderful Beings in your world as we speak.  The face of that Earth Angel comes to mind and you realize how much healing you have derived from this relationship or perhaps a single conversation.

These Beings have a light touch upon your energy.  They lift you up when you are feeling low or in a desperate state.  They bring a smile to your face within the midst of turmoil.  Yes, you know of whom we speak.

In times of need, when you pray to the Gods/Goddesses/Angels, remember those in your world who are here now to assist in your earthly endeavours.  Healing is readily available to one and all when they are ready to receive.  Many would rather continue fighting those aspects of their lives which they are not in harmony with.  It is a choice to receive help in whatever form it arrives and it is now time to make a new choice – a choice that enhances your life and brings you joy.

The time for hiding in the shadows is behind you.  It is time to step up to the plate and declare your intention to be the best you can be in the here and now.  Your life is not meant to be drab and full of strife.  This earthly existence that you find yourself residing in was a choice that your Soul made long before you got here.  It would behoove you to connect more fully with this Soul essence so you can fully express this Being that you are meant to BE.  Accept the help of those who offer and trust that you are ready to move forward in your life.  Your conscious mind can cause so much confusion.  Yes, it is a part of you but there is so much more available through a conscious connection to your higher mind…your Soul.

The rational mind would have you running around TRYING to fix things but when in communication with your higher mind, softer, more creative thoughts come to mind.  Other ways to handle chaos and disruption.  Sitting in quiet contemplation of challenges will bring you a much clearer and concise way to move forward.  You still have to THINK on things but when coupled with the wisdom of your higher mind a resolution will be more readily forthcoming.

So now, once you stop running frantically around, take some time to sit in that same quiet contemplation of what changes are on the horizon.  Some of your choosing and others there to consider from the higher realms.  There is time  and the answers are all patiently waiting for you to discover them within this Divine Angelic Being that you are.

Life doesn’t have to hard.  Choose to move through your daily challenges from a place of confidence and trust.  If things were too easy, how would you know when you have triumphed over adversity.  We know we are never given more than we can handle but we do need to step up and handle things that are causing us angst, whether on our own or with assistance from others.

Angels are all around us.  Ask and they will be more than happy to envelop you in their warm embrace.  Know this to be true.

And so it is…


Embracing the Healer within

February 23rd, 2013

There is much to be said about “keeping your distance”…keeping your distance from energies that drain you of your own unique life force.  There are times however when you are called to enter into those draining energies as it is specifically your healing energy that is being called for in that moment.

We are all healers in one form or another.  While many will not relate to this aspect of their own energy, we are each and every one of us capable of being the force of healing in another.  This does not have to be a life threatening condition that we are called upon to “heal”.  At times it is just a smile or loving touch that will be the catalyst for healing in another.  Sadness can be as debilitating as a cancer for some so know that whenever you are being called to be particularly “kind”, Spirit is working through you.  The other will benefit from a moment of your time and YOU will benefit each and every time you listen and respond to the call.

There will always be people suffering in one form or another.  It is part of the balance within all things.  If we look at the balance between the masculine and the feminine it is very obvious that there is great power within the core of each of these aspects of the self.  It is with the essence of the feminine within that you hear the call of the Healer.  At this time in the evolution of mankind, more and more of you are being called upon to open up to, and resonate with, the aspect of the Divine Feminine as it flows through your essence.

Take a moment to sit and listen for that same call in this very moment.  Breathe deeply of your essence, feel it escalate and then allow it to fill your consciousness fully.  Know that you are more than simply human.  You are an aspect of the breath of God/Source/Creator and, as such, you are capable of wondrous things.

Within the essence of the energy of the Healer, there is great creative potential in all areas of your life.  Think of what would be possible if you truly lived the highest aspect of the you in every moment.  No longer would you worry about the outcome of various situations in your life or the lives of others as you would simply be breathing in the moment - every moment - creating from your own unique life force.  This one shift in your way of Being would be the catalyst for a multitude of changes to occur.

Any doubts to your abilities would be erased as you resonated with this increased vibration, knowing that you are capable….capable of whatever you choose to attempt, whatever you choose to BE.   As you continue to shed your old beliefs, your old ways of being, you will start to feel a lightness of Being.  Each morning would be met with a smile upon your face with the knowing that something wonderful will occur on this day, every day.

A deep purification of the Soul occurs when you, as a human, discover your own unique talents, those gifts you were meant to share with others in THIS life.  Your own spiritual, mental and emotional growth will all benefit from the utilization of these same gifts as you listen for the call to assist in whatever way you are called.  Know that you are poised on the edge of that wonderful thing that is meant to occur this day.

So, for today, when in the energies of those who would normally dissipate your energy, know that you are there to assist with a “part” of you, that knowing feminine essence that is a healing balm for others in need.  As you give out of this healing energy, feel too the energy coming back to you from the Source of All That IS…The Divine breath of the Creator.

Listen.  Respond.  BE.

And so it is


Allowing Love to lead the way

January 31st, 2013

Love is the word of the day.  Revel in the beautiful energy that is the essence of all that IS.  It has been said that Love is all there is and it is this connection that anchors one into the Divine within their life.

Your connection to the Divine is rooted in this heartfelt energy that is Love.  The belief in this connection is the start of a whole new way of Being in the world.  Life shifts in wonderful ways and the world opens up to expand your vision of what you see and, in time, the truth of what you see before you.  We are all Divine beings simply trying to move through our days with hope in our heart and trust in a beautiful future with you at the controls.

An increase in energy is felt as you start to move within this beautiful essence.  The sense is one of re-connecting with the essence that is YOU.  The flow of your days moves forward with ease and grace.  The challenges, that were once thought of as being insurmountable, will start to fade as you realize that you ARE in control and the future IS in your hands.

As children we did not waste our days worrying about the future.  We awoke to each new day with excitement and energy.  Allow yourself to tap into your own inner child and allow her/him to guide you with a sense of trust and a renewed excitement as to what each new day can bring.  With all the daily challenges that come with being an adult, we tend to lose the excitement of a new day.  This does not have to be the way of life.  Welcome the energy of that same inner child as you start to move forward with your own sense of hope and excitement, for this is a part of you and always has been.  Rekindle that same awake energy and know that the newness, that is this day, is full of possibilities just waiting to be unearthed.

The world evolves.  You too evolve effortlessly when you come into the awareness that there is more out there than you previously thought.  As we evolve a newness emerges, allowing us the choice to embark upon a new Path, spark a flame deep in our Soul and soar ever higher.  What do you desire for this day?  How will you rekindle the excitement that life holds?  Think of these things as the Love of the Divine permeates every cell of your being.

You are a Being of Love and in sharing all that you are, the Path ahead will automatically light up - showing you the way.

And so it is.


Conscious choices

January 25th, 2013

Feel your connection to Spirit and know you are assisted on the higher levels in every moment.

While you are gifted with your own sense of will – your own willpower – there is a much higher aspect of this Divine Will flowing through you, anchored in your solar plexus.  This connection with the higher vibrations allows you to go further than you could “all on your own”.  You do however need to consciously align with this power as it flows, ever present.   And don’t fret, it is a connection that you can blend with effortlessly, with only your mind choosing to do so.   And this little mind, the mind of the ego, has a hard time letting go and trusting.  Today, choose to let go and reconnect with your higher spirit.

Once the choice has been made to let go – whether it be of possessions, relationships, old ideas as to your own truth and more - a purification occurs.  This purification or purging of the old,  allows ever more of the higher consciousness to filter through, securing this anchoring in to your highest self.  And this is where our freedom and power resides.

The importance of aligning with the highest aspects of YOU is felt in all areas of your life, bringing with it a sense of wholeness, a deeper inner trust in your own process and the journey that you are currently on.  And please remember…..a journey does not necessarily involve going “anywhere”.  The journey of which we speak is the journey within.  The world and how we see it is directly affected by each Soul’s unique individual perspective as to what they “think” they see around them.

Open your physical eyes and see through the eye of spirit.  Take time daily to sit quietly and focus on your “third eye”, the spot between your physical eyes on your forehead.  This is where we “see” what IS, what we intuit to be the truth.  We see with our physical eyes in this dimension, however, when we start to consciously see with the Inner Eyes so much more is brought into our awareness and with it, a chance to move beyond what we previously thought was our truth.

Some people walk around as if in a dream and unfortunately, this is the truth for many.  Step out of the dream and into your reality.  This is not to say that dreaming is bad, quite the contrary.  However, it is now time to use the messages in your dreams to create the dream reality you really desire.  You have all the power necessary to truly create a different life for yourself, right now, if you consciously choose to do so.

You have so many choices to make from the various options available at this time.  Pay attention to your dreams and see what they are telling you.  Start to see with your inner eyes and anchor into the inspiration that awaits.  Take that sense of your own divine will and allow to direct you to the next part of the journey.  Isn’t it time to make manifest the heaven on earth that we all dream about?

The choice is yours.  Choose wisely and feel the freedom gained.

And so it is.