Conscious choices

Feel your connection to Spirit and know you are assisted on the higher levels in every moment.

While you are gifted with your own sense of will – your own willpower – there is a much higher aspect of this Divine Will flowing through you, anchored in your solar plexus.  This connection with the higher vibrations allows you to go further than you could “all on your own”.  You do however need to consciously align with this power as it flows, ever present.   And don’t fret, it is a connection that you can blend with effortlessly, with only your mind choosing to do so.   And this little mind, the mind of the ego, has a hard time letting go and trusting.  Today, choose to let go and reconnect with your higher spirit.

Once the choice has been made to let go – whether it be of possessions, relationships, old ideas as to your own truth and more - a purification occurs.  This purification or purging of the old,  allows ever more of the higher consciousness to filter through, securing this anchoring in to your highest self.  And this is where our freedom and power resides.

The importance of aligning with the highest aspects of YOU is felt in all areas of your life, bringing with it a sense of wholeness, a deeper inner trust in your own process and the journey that you are currently on.  And please remember…..a journey does not necessarily involve going “anywhere”.  The journey of which we speak is the journey within.  The world and how we see it is directly affected by each Soul’s unique individual perspective as to what they “think” they see around them.

Open your physical eyes and see through the eye of spirit.  Take time daily to sit quietly and focus on your “third eye”, the spot between your physical eyes on your forehead.  This is where we “see” what IS, what we intuit to be the truth.  We see with our physical eyes in this dimension, however, when we start to consciously see with the Inner Eyes so much more is brought into our awareness and with it, a chance to move beyond what we previously thought was our truth.

Some people walk around as if in a dream and unfortunately, this is the truth for many.  Step out of the dream and into your reality.  This is not to say that dreaming is bad, quite the contrary.  However, it is now time to use the messages in your dreams to create the dream reality you really desire.  You have all the power necessary to truly create a different life for yourself, right now, if you consciously choose to do so.

You have so many choices to make from the various options available at this time.  Pay attention to your dreams and see what they are telling you.  Start to see with your inner eyes and anchor into the inspiration that awaits.  Take that sense of your own divine will and allow to direct you to the next part of the journey.  Isn’t it time to make manifest the heaven on earth that we all dream about?

The choice is yours.  Choose wisely and feel the freedom gained.

And so it is.



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