Allowing Love to lead the way

Love is the word of the day.  Revel in the beautiful energy that is the essence of all that IS.  It has been said that Love is all there is and it is this connection that anchors one into the Divine within their life.

Your connection to the Divine is rooted in this heartfelt energy that is Love.  The belief in this connection is the start of a whole new way of Being in the world.  Life shifts in wonderful ways and the world opens up to expand your vision of what you see and, in time, the truth of what you see before you.  We are all Divine beings simply trying to move through our days with hope in our heart and trust in a beautiful future with you at the controls.

An increase in energy is felt as you start to move within this beautiful essence.  The sense is one of re-connecting with the essence that is YOU.  The flow of your days moves forward with ease and grace.  The challenges, that were once thought of as being insurmountable, will start to fade as you realize that you ARE in control and the future IS in your hands.

As children we did not waste our days worrying about the future.  We awoke to each new day with excitement and energy.  Allow yourself to tap into your own inner child and allow her/him to guide you with a sense of trust and a renewed excitement as to what each new day can bring.  With all the daily challenges that come with being an adult, we tend to lose the excitement of a new day.  This does not have to be the way of life.  Welcome the energy of that same inner child as you start to move forward with your own sense of hope and excitement, for this is a part of you and always has been.  Rekindle that same awake energy and know that the newness, that is this day, is full of possibilities just waiting to be unearthed.

The world evolves.  You too evolve effortlessly when you come into the awareness that there is more out there than you previously thought.  As we evolve a newness emerges, allowing us the choice to embark upon a new Path, spark a flame deep in our Soul and soar ever higher.  What do you desire for this day?  How will you rekindle the excitement that life holds?  Think of these things as the Love of the Divine permeates every cell of your being.

You are a Being of Love and in sharing all that you are, the Path ahead will automatically light up - showing you the way.

And so it is.


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