Embracing the Healer within

There is much to be said about “keeping your distance”…keeping your distance from energies that drain you of your own unique life force.  There are times however when you are called to enter into those draining energies as it is specifically your healing energy that is being called for in that moment.

We are all healers in one form or another.  While many will not relate to this aspect of their own energy, we are each and every one of us capable of being the force of healing in another.  This does not have to be a life threatening condition that we are called upon to “heal”.  At times it is just a smile or loving touch that will be the catalyst for healing in another.  Sadness can be as debilitating as a cancer for some so know that whenever you are being called to be particularly “kind”, Spirit is working through you.  The other will benefit from a moment of your time and YOU will benefit each and every time you listen and respond to the call.

There will always be people suffering in one form or another.  It is part of the balance within all things.  If we look at the balance between the masculine and the feminine it is very obvious that there is great power within the core of each of these aspects of the self.  It is with the essence of the feminine within that you hear the call of the Healer.  At this time in the evolution of mankind, more and more of you are being called upon to open up to, and resonate with, the aspect of the Divine Feminine as it flows through your essence.

Take a moment to sit and listen for that same call in this very moment.  Breathe deeply of your essence, feel it escalate and then allow it to fill your consciousness fully.  Know that you are more than simply human.  You are an aspect of the breath of God/Source/Creator and, as such, you are capable of wondrous things.

Within the essence of the energy of the Healer, there is great creative potential in all areas of your life.  Think of what would be possible if you truly lived the highest aspect of the you in every moment.  No longer would you worry about the outcome of various situations in your life or the lives of others as you would simply be breathing in the moment - every moment - creating from your own unique life force.  This one shift in your way of Being would be the catalyst for a multitude of changes to occur.

Any doubts to your abilities would be erased as you resonated with this increased vibration, knowing that you are capable….capable of whatever you choose to attempt, whatever you choose to BE.   As you continue to shed your old beliefs, your old ways of being, you will start to feel a lightness of Being.  Each morning would be met with a smile upon your face with the knowing that something wonderful will occur on this day, every day.

A deep purification of the Soul occurs when you, as a human, discover your own unique talents, those gifts you were meant to share with others in THIS life.  Your own spiritual, mental and emotional growth will all benefit from the utilization of these same gifts as you listen for the call to assist in whatever way you are called.  Know that you are poised on the edge of that wonderful thing that is meant to occur this day.

So, for today, when in the energies of those who would normally dissipate your energy, know that you are there to assist with a “part” of you, that knowing feminine essence that is a healing balm for others in need.  As you give out of this healing energy, feel too the energy coming back to you from the Source of All That IS…The Divine breath of the Creator.

Listen.  Respond.  BE.

And so it is


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