Angels in our midst

You have all heard of the power of Angels to heal those in the earthly realm.  Most think of those etheric Beings as residing in the realm of the Heavens however Angels walk among us daily in earthly form.  When you stop and ponder this idea you probably have one or more of those wonderful Beings in your world as we speak.  The face of that Earth Angel comes to mind and you realize how much healing you have derived from this relationship or perhaps a single conversation.

These Beings have a light touch upon your energy.  They lift you up when you are feeling low or in a desperate state.  They bring a smile to your face within the midst of turmoil.  Yes, you know of whom we speak.

In times of need, when you pray to the Gods/Goddesses/Angels, remember those in your world who are here now to assist in your earthly endeavours.  Healing is readily available to one and all when they are ready to receive.  Many would rather continue fighting those aspects of their lives which they are not in harmony with.  It is a choice to receive help in whatever form it arrives and it is now time to make a new choice – a choice that enhances your life and brings you joy.

The time for hiding in the shadows is behind you.  It is time to step up to the plate and declare your intention to be the best you can be in the here and now.  Your life is not meant to be drab and full of strife.  This earthly existence that you find yourself residing in was a choice that your Soul made long before you got here.  It would behoove you to connect more fully with this Soul essence so you can fully express this Being that you are meant to BE.  Accept the help of those who offer and trust that you are ready to move forward in your life.  Your conscious mind can cause so much confusion.  Yes, it is a part of you but there is so much more available through a conscious connection to your higher mind…your Soul.

The rational mind would have you running around TRYING to fix things but when in communication with your higher mind, softer, more creative thoughts come to mind.  Other ways to handle chaos and disruption.  Sitting in quiet contemplation of challenges will bring you a much clearer and concise way to move forward.  You still have to THINK on things but when coupled with the wisdom of your higher mind a resolution will be more readily forthcoming.

So now, once you stop running frantically around, take some time to sit in that same quiet contemplation of what changes are on the horizon.  Some of your choosing and others there to consider from the higher realms.  There is time  and the answers are all patiently waiting for you to discover them within this Divine Angelic Being that you are.

Life doesn’t have to hard.  Choose to move through your daily challenges from a place of confidence and trust.  If things were too easy, how would you know when you have triumphed over adversity.  We know we are never given more than we can handle but we do need to step up and handle things that are causing us angst, whether on our own or with assistance from others.

Angels are all around us.  Ask and they will be more than happy to envelop you in their warm embrace.  Know this to be true.

And so it is…


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