Fanning the Flames

Welcome this new day with a sense of JOY.    Those changes which have occurred of late, within your midst, are coming to fruition.  The stage is set for the next phase of this evolutionary process.  Yes…that’s right.  More changes are coming and it is imperative that you are prepared to move through the upcoming days with a firm sense of your purpose within it all.

By that we mean understand that all is shifting around you, not to cause you grief but to empower you to be more and to do more with your life.  If confusion is uppermost in your mind, ask for guidance from on high OR from within.  We are all aware that much has shifted, not only in our own lives but the whole planet over.  It IS time and this time has been prophesied by many seers and the native indigenous peoples of our earth from the beginning of time.

Breathe it all in and express the Joy at simply Being here at this wondrous time.  We are here to express that same joy in the gifts that have been imbued within us.  The sharing of these same gifts will enhance the Joy immensely.  Do not get caught up in what you see as negative in change.  Change is good for it moves us from one way of Being to another if we allow for the changes to occur in divine right time and order.

Trust your senses when seeking the changes.  Delve deep into your own  inner understanding as to the whys of the specific changes that you find yourself immersed in.  There really are no coincidences and EVERY thing has a reason behind it.  The challenge is to come to an understanding as to your particular whys.

Pay attention to the people you draw into your sphere.  Listen for the clues to the next step in your process.  Trust in this same process and be ever open to manifesting more in your journey to wholeness.

With Joy accept the Gift of Change in always moving free.  To find your spark and fan the flame of your own Divinity.

And so it is…



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