The Joy in Family

In this day of grace. welcome in the presence of family.  There will always be those with whom you are closer to, in your heart.   Yet still there are many of your family with whom you will never spend time with in the present nor meet physically.  Still, we are all as One in the vibration of the Soul.

The Soul essence is what you resonate with when in the presence of family.  A lightness of Being, a fully open heart and a knowing that this is real – even within the midst of turmoil.  So, we invite you to welcome in the turmoil for it is within this vibration that you truly grow and discover who you are at the level of your Soul.  And know that the discoveries you unearth will change your life in ways you could have never  imagined.

When resonating within the true joy of family, time is effortless, for you understand where you come from and so too do they…..

The discovery of your part within your various families allows you to see clearly what is occurring within your world.  You can be on the sidelines watching it all and, at the same time,  you are fully experiencing the true joy that family CAN be.  For many, family conjures up feelings of sadness or anger which brings a negative vibration into the mix.  Allow yourself to understand your part in this same negative energy for all Souls are a blending of both the negative and the positive.  And with this understanding comes a great sense of release.

While one can never change the past, you can always reframe the present which in turns allow the future to flow effortlessly - with a minimum of stress.  Of course, while in the “reframing” part of your world, it may not feel or seem anything at all like effortlessness.  But trust in your own process and allow for the shifts to occur organically for all Souls involved.

It may not seem like an easy task but know that in acknowledging that there is a great joy to be found in the institute of family, the essence of your Soul can rise to the surface bringing you along for the ride.  Trust in your process and allow the potential of Joy to permeate you and those with whom you share your time.

And so it is…….


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