Seeing life as it is…

For today I am simply setting my intention on seeing with clarity all that revolves around me - existing in my current world.  I yield to those insights that come while in a receptive state of mind.  I am listening with my heart for it is within the heart that we truly know the truth.  The mind chatter we hear when in a negative frame of mind can be quite debilitating if we get stuck on what we “hear” rather than what we “feel”.

On the wings of the Angels I am carried  forward to that place I seek…deep within my heart….the heart of ME.  Ebbing and flowing on energetic waves of thought.  Moving forward - then stepping back as I settle into a place of balance.  Challenging me to dig deep to unearth all those parts of me that have been asleep.  Calling once again on all parts of my Being to come together as a whole as I settle into me -Now.  Re-discovering who this Being is – residing deep within me.

A sense of wholeness permeates as the true essence of Spirit steps forward.  Those old ways and beliefs from days of long ago are part of this Being too however, a balance arrives, pushing me to step into that which is MY truth essence.

As Spirit breathes through me, I can literally ”feel” the power of simply being true to me.  I feel the power that comes with releasing old energy, as I resonate with the true essence of me.  As you read these thoughts, allow yourself to release old unwanted energies, those energies that are draining of you of your very life force energy.  Feel it in your bones and deep within.

Purify your thoughts and allow your mind to release all those old beliefs and attitudes about you and those around you.  Fill your mind with loving thoughts, caring thoughts, nurturing thoughts and feel your entire Being filling with a sense of light and ease.  Allow that sense of light and ease to filter down through your entire physical body as you become a whole purified Human infused with the light of Spirit.

So for today, I encourage you to be true to you and allow that ever-present spirit to flow unimpeded as you move further along your Path.

It is a good day.  Namaste


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