Counting Our Blessings

Thankfulness is a truly empowering expression.  So, just for this moment, be thankful…for nothing OTHER that the moment.

It matters not what you are doing but for a moment, just stop.  Take a deep breath and feel the breath of life course through you.   You have much to be thankful for.

The other day someone asked me if she died, would her Soul be intact….would she get to heaven?   I thought for a moment prior to answering….and then I said “Your Soul never dies, it is only your physical self – the vehicle for your Soul – that leaves this dimension”.  She sat quietly for a moment and then said “REALLY?” seemingly incredulous at this revelation.  Now bear in mind, this is a young woman and I pondered the reality of living in a world where you contemplate death at such a young age.

So just for today, be thankful for the life force energy as it breathes through you.  I know that not everyone believes as I do and that is their choice.  MY choice however is to be thankful for everything just the way it is.  Of course, it took me a while to reach this lofty perch.

I too, like the aforementioned woman, pondered “leaving here” and lucky for me  Spirit has spoken and guided me through some pretty harsh experiences.  The younger me had a much harder time travelling through life’s hurts and yet, here I AM now, honestly believing that which rings true for me and allowing this to be the perfect vehicle in which to travel.

Its interesting when your perceptions change concerning that which you see before you.  Taking responsibility for this life and creating that which you desire is certainly worthy of a thank you to YOU.  I know that each morning when I do my morning ritual a smile appears as I know that I am exactly in the place I am meant to be…..just the way it is.  There are still discordant energies present around me, don’t get me wrong.  My attitude towards them has changed however and they are not interfering with my present state of joy and thankfulness.  It has freed up so much energy to be able to relate to circumstances from the level of the Soul… commit to what makes my heart sing.

I am fully committed to me and the work I am now ready to acknowledge as being my True Path.  This, committing to my True Path, has the honour of being that for which I am most thankful.  The old adage “you receive that which you give” comes to mind.

It is truly a wonderful place to be.

Blessings abound.



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