An Attitude of Gratitude


I find myself in a wonderful place in my life.  Perhaps I should re-phrase that. I have come to this place in time…..a time where I can finally say I am in love with my life.

It certainly has little to do with what I possess.  Neither does my financial state, nor my relationship status have any bearing on my newfound happiness.  Perhaps it is my state of mind, my thought processes and my ability to feel abundant in every moment just because I can.  What a shift in perception and, I must admit, a more harmonious place to reside.

This place within is not where I resided for the bulk of my life I must admit.  Many years were spent in a place of panic, sadness, confusion…….let’s just a negative energy permeated my Soul.  It wasn’t until I finally chose to set up house on my own that everything started to settle in – settle IN to a place of acceptance for me just the way I am.  For so many years there was fear in being by myself…..yes FEAR to be with me and me alone.  Now I can chuckle about it all because there is no more fear within ME.

When you think about it there really is nothing OUT SIDE of the Self that can have much bearing on the Self that resides within this physical body unless we allow this to be our truth.  In hindsight I realize my incessant need to be surrounded by others was due to a desire to deflect my own needs, which confused me.  I admit it was wonderful to be so needed by others that I didn’t have time to think about me.  At some point my vision cleared and I saw, through a clear lens, that I had been denying ME for a very long time.

It wasn’t until I took complete responsibility for ALL my choices that things started to change.  Most of the time I would plan, analyze and figure out how to do things with the least amount of stress or change possible allowing myself to resonate with the planned changes.  I’m sure many of you choose this way as well.  Why cause ourselves stress and grief when we don’t need it?

For me the biggest shift came about in the blink of an eye, the snap of the fingers and the decision was made to no longer accept a life of doubt, fear and sadness.  I just walked off the road I had been travelling and shut the door on it all.  Surprisingly, instead of the panic and fear of what was to be, it felt like I had burst free.  The not knowing what was next felt fine.  A trust in me had come over me and I just knew it would all work out.

And here I am in this place of gratitude for all that I have, for all that I am and for having the faith within to take a leap of faith and go for it.   I like to say I am now living a life of simple abundance with an open heart.  Sharing me and my own unique Joy is what is called for and I willingly embrace all that I am as I share me with you.

And so it is….Namaste

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