Living the life of your dreams

January 22nd, 2013

You are of a higher vibration and as such, your need to fine tune into the divine frequency with which you align is of paramount importance.  The sensation that runs throughout your world of late is one of this same higher frequency.   It calls to your Soul…..remember ME, align with ME.  Anchor into your Divine birthright for now is the time - the time to get to know and honour this higher vibrational Being who exists within you.

As the understanding dawns within you that you are indeed much more than simply a physical Being, your entire thought process experiences a jolt of energy.  This jolt becomes the catalyst to push you to discover more, to be more, to amp up your own natural energy with that of the higher frequency that is waiting for you to “plug in”.  Tis truly a time of excitement yet you are also being guided to come into stillness and silence.  A feeling of calm energy rises up from the core of your Being, assisting you in this alignment, at the time you choose to allow it to unfold.   A new day awaits us all as the Enlightened Beings we are - here to share our Divinity with all our brothers and sisters in Spirit.

While it may seem as if nothing is presently “happening”, know that much is currently being transmuted on the higher levels, during this time of transformation.  For some it will be a hard ride as they fight the changes that are being forced upon them.  However, when you allow yourself to come into a place of acceptance for life EXACTLY AS IT IS - the journey rolls along at a much gentler pace.  This gentle place allows for those same transmutations to occur with more ease and grace and, within a shorter time span.  It is not advisable to attempt to rush your own unique and individual process as we always move at the pace that is right for us… the level of Spirit.

When you do find yourself in a situation that is not of your liking and feels uncomfortable, the natural “human” reaction is to get out of it as quickly as possible.  This transformational “situation” must be accepted on the deepest levels of your Being.  We all knew, prior to this particular incarnation, what we were signing on for, at this time in humanity’s evolution.  We understood there would be challenges aplenty and still we chose to experience life in physical form. Remember you are not alone.  We are many and can be found in every nook and cranny the world over.

Anchor into the dream that was the Great Creator’s original thought.  Be Spirit embodied in Human form and live the dream you dream for yourself.  Let go of lack and doubt as you connect on the deepest levels of your Being.  You are a divine child of the Universe and you have moved beyond what you thought possible.  Accept the You, you know yourself to BE and become her/him in every moment.

Isn’t it time to live the life of your Dreams???

And so it is…


Fanning the flames of Desire

January 17th, 2013

Feel the flow of the Divine coursing through you in this moment.  An opening has occurred and you are the portal through which this divinity flows.  Embrace this pure energy.  Feel your vibration increase as you settle into its resonance.  This moment in time is a special one as you blend with the greatness that resides deep within.   The acceptance of your divine birthright has allowed for this moment in time – a time where you fully appreciate all that you are and all that you can BE.

The shackles of the past fall away as your inner light sparkles and shines.  A purification of the highest nature is at hand - a purification of the Soul -  propelling you forward, bringing you ever closer to your destiny.  The journey has been fraught with challenges yet, here you are.  These same challenges are the exact ones needed for this purification to occur.  It is not an instant process as each new challenge peels away yet another layer of the past allowing more of those shackles to be discarded.  These challenges are what initiated this same purification so continue to appreciate all interactions knowing they are each a necessary part of your journey.

As you start to feel your light increasing, bring your awareness to the thoughts that are currently swirling around in your head.  Pay attention to those other, quieter, thoughts that are gently calling to your heart.  Feel the insights gained as you allow ever more light to penetrate your Being bringing with it a newfound appreciation for life exactly as it is in this moment.  Know that you are where you are right now as it is here, this moment, when those higher thoughts become linked with your Ego, settling you and bringing a sense of peace…..a sense that “Yes, this is right!”

Accept with grace the changes as they come into your world .  With acceptance comes release and ever more of those shackles of the past fill continue to fall, exposing you for ALL that you are.  Tis a wonderful place to find yourself.  Relish in it.  Raise your arms high as your Joy rises up, flowing to all who sense your beautiful light and Spirit.  You a special child of the Universe.   Accept this as who you are and go forth into the world “out there”, confident that all is in Divine right order.  Feel this knowing and be strong.

The more you align with this divinity within, the more your energy expands, energizing you, embracing you, allowing you to feel comfort in the simplicity of the breath.  The flames of your desires, which have been smoldering for so very long, are rising up, giving ever more power to your every thought.  Your creative juices are flowing unimpeded with the fire of the divine as it burns in your heart and Soul.  Use this divine creative energy as you move through your days.

Choose how you wish to spend your days.  Choose which energies you are willing to welcome into your world.  Choose those Souls who resonate with the same creative passion that burns within you now.  This fire is the heart of your creation so fan the flames of your true desires as the world opens up to be explored anew.

And so it is.


Creating the Tapestry of Life

January 14th, 2013


While we have all been led to believe, throughout history, that violence and force will be the winners of the day, yet there is a more subtle force working behind the scenes.  There are the angels and others of the spiritual realm who work through us, quietly and without fanfare.  This assistance, from beyond our perceived reality, bolsters those who choose to pay attention with untold courage to move to the beat of a different drummer.

Those who are called “different” have a unique role to play within this birthing of a new humanity.  These Souls are few and far between as being classed as different can be a lonely road to travel at times.  But, as we all know, with a little courage much can be accomplished.  To receive and amplify this courageous energy one must be willing to go with the flow and trust in their inner guidance.  Listen to those sounds beyond the silence - that resonance that portends inspiration.  Blend with the energies around you and, as if carried on the wind, know that through the courage to follow where guidance dictates you shall gain your rightful divine inheritance.  Through this divine inheritance you will lead by example allowing others to acknowledge their own courageous Being as they listen to the universal consciousness, as it courses through them.

This bridge between you and your own spiritual hierarchy is where this courage resides.  Trust that this connection is your own inner compass showing the way forward, showing you “the way” to BE.  Allow all that you see and all that you hear throughout your days, that is of a violent or disturbing nature, to be enveloped within the embrace of this Divine consciousness, as embodied within you.

Imagine you are back in the womb, awaiting the moment of your arrival to this realm.  You have not yet started your journey down the birth canal and, as the Soul that you are, you are readying yourself for this next phase of your Soul’s journey.  You are ready for it as you have studied what is to come and are now ready to embark on that journey for which you volunteered.  However, in a few short minutes you will be “out”, so to speak, and all that you studied will be forgotten as the physical YOU becomes your focal point, with the spiritual knowing available IF you are open and available to that guidance.  One of the “gifts” of this physical incarnation is the concept of free will, the freedom to either accept direction or choose to follow a path of your own making.

As a child we followed direction from our elders, or perhaps not, but still they were our guideposts as to right or wrong.  As we grew, we started to look to others for guidance - older children, teachers, clergy – some good instruction, some less so.  Throughout those growth years we still had that same soul connection with which we arrived in this incarnation.  Depending on those around us during these periods of growth, we may or may not have been nudged in the direction of spirit.  Regardless of how you were directed, today, on this new day of birth, anchor into this divinity within as you embark on your own journey to wholeness.  Feel that courageous Spirit resonating in this very moment.  You are ready to start down the birth canal of life with courage as a mantel.  Looking out on the vast expanse of what lies before you, feel the love in your heart at the chance to start anew as a manifestation of Spirit in human form.

Imagine the life you can create anew with this strength of Spirit.  What do you choose to express with this newfound opportunity?  How bright do you choose to colour this tapestry that is your life?  The possibilities are endless.   It is now your turn to take control of your destiny with the assistance of the Divine, as it courses through this human body that houses your Soul.

Create from your Soul’s desire and watch life shine anew with you at its centre.

And so it is



The manifestation of your highest potential NOW

January 10th, 2013

Allow your inner child to come out to play today.  Let go of any concerns and go to that “happy” place you found yourself in regularly when in the joy of simply being a child…playing…laughing…..trusting.   For most of us we did not concern ourselves with what would or might happen throughout our day, staying in the present moment and simply enjoying whatever was happening from one moment to the next.  It was gentler back then.  The place you find yourself in now may not be as gentle yet, you can still find that place deep within if you choose to search.

Go to your heart and blend with the love that resonates there always.  Trust that it is there and anchor into the positive vibration that pulses at the heart of you now.  Rekindle the joy and love that you carried within you, undeterred, in those gentler times.  This healing balm of love that you ALL carry in the deepest recesses of your Being can be called upon throughout those days when life may be feeling uncomfortable.  Let go of any judgements you may be carrying as to your current predicament for these judgements mar what could be a wonderful time in your life.

When you can let go of old wounds there is an instantaneous shift within your Soul.  No longer do the “sins” or hurts of the past carry any weight in the life you are currently living.  It is a time of healing on the planet and many are suffering from old remembrances, sometimes tainted by false memories which hold you captive.  What happened in the past should remain there.  Acknowledge and honour your past for it has brought you to this point in time.  You would not be the you YOU ARE without the past however let it go as you move into your future.  We have all heard it said time and time again……the past is behind you, the future is before you and the present is here right now…..a present to use as you wish.

We all like presents so take some time to think of each new day as a present from the Universe.  Dwell in a place of love and joy and trust that you will make this day a day unlike any other by simply choosing to stay in that “present” place.  Breathe deep down to the place where your inner child dwells and allow her/him to rise up to help you “feel” the present that your life is, not only to you, but to all those Souls who will benefit from your place within it all.  Realize how important your part within humanity is within the tapestry that is called life.

So for today, allow yourself to receive all that you desire in whatever way it shows up in your world.  Be in a state of gratitude for another opportunity to manifest the life you are here to experience in all its splendour.  Your manifestation abilities are amplified when you are in a state of receptivity and love.  Trust that this journey you are on is full of unmanifested potential as you reach higher and higher with every breath.

Allow your cup to fill to overflowing with all that you need, and more, as you open to receive that which you came here to experience as a loving, joyful human Being.  A day of wonder awaits.

And so it is.




Learning to balance your energy

January 8th, 2013

There are times when we are full of energy racing around and then, there are other times, when we are quiet and still as we move slowly through our days.  Learn to honour both of these energy levels as part of the whole energy Being that is you.

There are those who consider it lazy to be still and quiet yet we all need those times to re-energize either after a busy stressful time in our lives or as we gear up to enter into a new phase.  The importance of this downtime is such that without it we would never have the ability to find the strength to move forward.

When finding yourself in the “quiet” stage, pay attention to your thoughts and go where they lead.  The next step or stage will come to you upon dwelling on your thoughts and then asking for assistance from the Divine.  Praying is what many call this communion with Spirit or the Divine.  Whatever you call it, remember to ask knowing that as you ask, so shall you receive.  Be willing to receive that which you ask for.  If there is some part of you that chooses to believe that you are not worthy of that which you desire, it will not appear.  Oftentimes we tend to believe old outmoded ideas as to our worthiness.

As we have moved into a higher vibration these past few years, many have been struggling with challenges never before experienced, some losing all that they have worked hard for, for so long.  Please be gentle with yourself if you have found yourself in this place - at this juncture in your journey.  This time in the evolution of mankind has placed many in precarious situations that they find overwhelming, finding themselves in judgement as to the how’s and why’s of their current predicament.

Let go of the need to judge, either yourself or another and instead forgive…simply forgive.  Forgive yourself for things you should or should not have done.  Forgive others for what you “feel” was or is wrong with the way they are living their lives.  Allow only love to envelope your thoughts and actions and watch as judgements of any kind become a thing of the distant past.

As the feminine energy starts to take precedence over what has been traditionally a masculine based world, this shift from judgement to loving acceptance will be felt as a huge wave of light flowing out the world over.  Masculine energy is generally considered the more powerful of the two however there is an inordinate amount of power that flows through the energy of the Feminine.  And it is just this such shift in energy which will start a whole new movement in society, opening us up to our own Feminine energy, whether you are a man or a woman.  As Spirit, the blending of the feminine and the masculine is what makes us whole.  Never forsake one for the other with the knowledge that  both are a necessary part of you and your world.

This current cycle, that we have been moving through, brings us so much closer to the full realization that we are in direct contact with the Divine, the universal consciousness which has the power to move us all in directions we never thought possible.  A bridge to the Divine has been linked to each and every one of you.  You have only to ask for your connection to be true and strong for it to be so.

Those quiet moments - those days that are slow moving -  are the perfect opportunities to connect to that higher vibrational part of you, the part of you that is ready, willing and able to take the next steps down your path. The part of you that trusts in your ability to do the next “right” thing without judging whether it is acceptable to others, only knowing that it is right for you.

Changes have been coming and will continue to do so for each of us in this earth realm.  Trust in your connection to the Source of All that IS and move through your days with love in your heart and gratitude for another chance…

And so it is


Delighting in your true essence

January 6th, 2013

A transformation has been activated within all upon the Earth – a transformation that had been foretold by the seers and sages of long ago.  Many have been waiting for this day while others are still in the dark as to what has been occurring within them.

Change is constant however, many Souls fight the changes as they occur, resulting in disease and anger.  As we listen to the news or read posts online, we hear of seemingly mild mannered Souls becoming desperate and violent, resulting in death and destruction.  Finding the reasons for their disturbing behaviour is baffling to the “experts” as they search for the reasons for these outbursts.  Unfortunately the reasons will not be found through normal searching as it is a spiritual unfolding which has caused the distress within these individuals, as they attempt to fight off the changes to no avail.

Please remember, there is nothing to fear but fear itself.  Listen to the messages filtering down to you from the realm of Spirit and know that the time has come for us all to lift up and resonate with the highest vibrations possible, while existing in physical form.  Many thought that with these changes  a transference of energy would occur lifting us up and out of our bodies as we ascended into the realm of the formless, departing the earth realm, to be free.  And free we are however with this freedom comes a sense of responsibility to assist those who are struggling…..even as you yourself may be struggling.

We have mentioned frequently how important it is to sit in quiet contemplation and meditate on your desires and dreams.  In times of change it is so very important to anchor into what is right and true for you, to gain clarity during these times of transformation.  There will be times when you feel like everything is upside down and nothing makes sense.  These are the times where you have to dig deep to find your centre and realize that the changes that are occurring are for you own personal growth and transformation into a higher resonance, linking you to the realm of Spirit.

Let go of the need to criticize or judge others and your own Self.  Step out of the fear and blend with the essence of LOVE.  There was a song written long ago expressing the sentiment that “all we need is LOVE” and while we also need food and shelter, having love in your world and in your heart brings all that is necessary into your world.  Expressing fear and/or anger dampens the essence of this love so remember to be gentle with yourself as you go about your days, knowing that with change comes a renewal of your true essence allowing the fullest expression of who you are - at the centre of your Soul.

Breathe deeply of this true essence knowing that you are being led to the pinnacle of you…..the YOU that you were born to be.  Open up to the talents that call to you.  Resonate with those desires that are blending with your essence.  Feel the calling to explore your Self further, urging you to delve deep into your Soul unearthing all those parts of you that have lain dormant, simply waiting for this time in the evolution of man to spring forth bringing with them a chance to create your world anew.  You have the power and talent to step out and become something different, something more.

Ask for guidance from within and feel your true self rising to the surface.  Welcome him/her and go forth from this day onward with love in your heart, trust in your Soul and delight in the wonder that is YOU.

And so it is.



Growing into YOU

January 3rd, 2013

And now we begin.  A new year has dawned bright and clear and with it comes renewal.  A chance to step out of the shadows and move forward in a new direction with confidence and trust in your ability to be all that you desire.  No longer to follow others but to forge your own true path with strength and foresight.

The past year was one of much change for all.  Some of the changes were wonderfully liberating.  Some of the changes were fraught with confusion but when added together, the overall change is one of acceptance.  Acceptance for who you find yourself to be at this time.  There has never been such a time on the planet.  So many changes have been desired the world over by those of you who are of the light.  So much hardship has been endured by not only you but for whole communities and races.  Yet today, you can stand strong in your belief that you have survived the past challenges and with this belief comes an inner knowing that you are heading in the right direction.

With change there are always questions as to the validity of your actions.  Please know that while the past year was harsh for many, the challenges faced were put before you with the intention of discovering your true strength and weaknesses.  You have found yourself in situations that you never expected yet you are here, stronger and ready to step into a new way of being.  Anchor into your inner strength and trust that you can and will find new paths and options as you open to a new world within.

From the time we land on this earth plain we grow.  We grow physically.  We grow mentally.  We grow spiritually and with this growth comes responsibility.  Responsibility to ourselves to be the best we can be at all times.  There will certainly be times when we feel that we can not handle another responsibility placed upon us simply because of our station in life yet handle it we will.

The past year was one of immense cleansing.  We all left things, places, people behind but this was a necessary part of our own personal growth.  So much “stuff” had been harnessing us to the old and now, with the release of all that no longer serves us, we are able to move forward, growing into our true potential.  For growth to be fully experienced we must be willing to release old outmoded ideas and beliefs, which can be challenging to say the least.  So many people look at what surrounds them and identify with the outside as being who they are.  Step back inside and feel the growth on THAT level.

So, for today.  Sit with yourself and ask what it is you truly desire to do with your life this year.  What do you intend to accomplish this year?  What footprint do you choose to leave behind?  Who do you intend to become with this new growth?

This time of change is wonderful.  You have a choice to be and do whatever you intend.  Be strong and feel the freedom gained in fully expressing who you are discovering your Self to be.

And so it is.


Birthing the new YOU in the new year

December 28th, 2012

Quiet the voices in your head and allow the Wisdom of your Soul to speak the truth of your Being.

It has been quite the year of change for one and all.  So much turmoil has been occurring the world over and is to this day.  Yet at the same time the turmoil with which you have been dealing is coming to an end.  It has been a difficult time as you release that which you no longer need in your life, in preparation for all that is yet to come.

Prepare for a rebirth Dear Ones.  All the angst of the past has brought you to this point – the point where you are ready to become who you are meant to be.  A time when you are able to birth your Self into the reality of your choosing.  Participating in the birthing process of the most important person in your life – YOU!  A definite time of rejoicing is almost at hand.  In a few short days it will be the turning of the year, a chance to reflect on the year that has gone by and prepare for the year that is coming.  Many will choose to spend the last night of the year in a festive situation celebrating with large groups of people with friends, food and loud music.  Others are choosing a quieter, solitary time of personal celebration as they come into the New Year and their New Self.

You are poised to move into the next year with a different set of rules at play.  We have spoken of the changes that were foretold of this time in history. For some this will be an exciting time as they leap into the newness with trust and love.  For others, it will be a time of hardship and confusion.  You are responsible for how you choose to experience this newness.  With the choice to leap you are bringing your Self into alignment with who you have always been – at the level of the Soul.  Your world will shift exponentially as you open yourself up to receive all that is being freely given.  The sense that “yes, this feels right” will be your mantra.

The more you align with this newness that you feel, the more you will anchor into the flow of how you wish to your life to feel and look.  A sense that you are divinely protected will permeate you as you feel the energies surrounding you, while similar energies are also emanating from deep within.  When in this state of awareness breathe deeply of this amplified energy for it is just this energy that will propel you into the future with confidence and joy.  Others will feel the change in you and daily you will feel your energy increasing.

There is nothing to fear so allow this newness free reign.  Allow this increase in energy to drive you forward as you discover more of YOU daily.  The angels and our guides have been waiting so long for this shift in the mass consciousness to arrive.  The Spiritual realm is alive with the same excitement and energy that you are feeling so allow ever more of this Divine energy to filter down to you in every moment and with every breath.

Take time to close your eyes and listen to the sounds beyond the silence.  A celestial orchestra is playing in the background and their music is for all to hear, for all to embrace, for all to enjoy.  The veils are thinning as we all strive to anchor into this heightened vibration that courses through the ethers.  Allow your Self to receive all that is currently available energetically.  You are at the time when you can grow in leaps and bounds with the coming new year.

Choose to be the change you wish to see in the world and watch, as you see before you, the vision of that which you have dreamed.  Anything is possible once you start to believe in your dreams.  Believe this to be true.

And so it is



Honouring our Divinity

December 27th, 2012

Ah, a quiet moment…..  With all the gatherings that occur during the Holiday season, it is very easy to lose our connection to that higher part of our Beings – our connection to the Divine.  As humans we are all divinely connected to that place of wholeness in the centre of our Being.  We lose sight of this piece of ourselves, when running around all busy and stressed yet still, it is here.  Perhaps it might help to remember that this holiday season is in celebration of the birth of a very special man.

We tend to forget that Jesus was the son of God, a Divine Being here on earth to show the way to a higher way of Being.  This MAN understood that his life was special in that his purpose was to share the word of his Father, with no expectation of anything.  He spent time in prayer and devotion daily giving thanks and seeking encouragement from this Divinity that conversed with him when called upon.  He also trusted that he would be given everything necessary to live his life of devotion acknowledging that there would be hard times.  Yet, he never lost sight of the bigger picture for his existence and carried on.

The secret to his connection to the Divine is that he asked for help when needed.  He gave thanks daily for the blessings bestowed upon him.  His aim was to live a good, honourable life with love in his heart for his fellow man and the Divine within us all.  The sharing of his love with others came from his unending connection to the Divine Love he felt within his Soul.

When you honour the power of prayer, prayer honours you.  Do not lose sight of the fact that you are also human and able to connect to the Divine part of you on a daily basis.  This could be the year that you choose to honour this connection to the Divine within YOU.  A connection to your Higher Self, the conduit to your communion with the Spiritual realms, the realm of the Gods.  We are all created from that first Divine spark that went off into the Universe which, in essence, could mean that we are ALL related to that first spark of creation.   How could we not love another aspect of our Selves?  For this is what we all are.  One unique part of the wholeness that makes up Mother Earth and all who reside on her and IN her.

Think on these things as we edge closer to the New year.  What has this year brought into your life to challenge you?  What has it gifted you with?  What have you learned?  What changes are you planning to make in this coming year?  Much to ponder.

This pondering is of an important nature though so do not sluff it off…  Not only is it a new year with all that that entails but it is also the beginning of a new time for mankind.  A time prophesied as the beginning of a new humanity is where we find ourselves at the turning of this new year.  So yes, a very important time for you to be looking at your life.  What works and what doesn’t?  What do you choose to retain and what do you choose to release?  Do you choose to live life from the level of your Higher Self or do you choose to wallow in your many hours of discontent?

Choices, choices, choices…………….all laid out before you.  Listen to your heart and follow its guidance.  Be clear on what you choose to bring forward into your life now.  This is a special time in the evolution of man and you are here to participate in the grand awakening.  Feel the blessings bestowed down upon you and allow for the miracle that is YOU to step forth as you discover your ultimate purpose this time around.

And so it is.


NOTE:  For those of you who are not aware of what “Namaste” means…..It means “The Spirit in ME honours and acknowledges the Spirit in YOU.”



Christmas Blessings

December 25th, 2012

In the midst of preparing my turkey dinner but thought I should take a moment to wish you all a very happy Christmas full of love, laughter and JOY.

Blessings abound