Higher Self Awareness Workshop
Creating Sacred Space Workshop
Soul Love -Awakening Your Heart Centers
Psychic Awareness Workshop
Being Your Higher Self - 4 week series

I am currently working on some new energy healing Vancouver classes and intuitive reading Vancouver workshops and will have something posted soon so check back to see if something that is coming up is resonating with what you desire to explore. Exciting times are upon us all.

Higher Self Awareness Workshop

You can align with the Higher energies that are currently at play in your world and use them to create the best life you can imagine as you accelerate your Spiritual Growth.

  • Learn to use simple tools to connect to your Higher Self daily
  • Open easily to the deepest recesses of your Being
  • Through a guided meditation you will Feel your connection to your Higher Self

Strengthening your connection to your Higher Self allows you to experience increasing insights, revelations and expanded awareness.

This is an experiential workshop and class size is limited. If you would like to set up a class, please email

Creating Sacred Space Workshop

During this 3-hour workshop you will

  • Learn how to create a sacred space in your home
  • Discover what "sacred" means to you
  • Learn the importance of setting intentions
  • Discuss materials to facilitate the development of this special space
  • Learn how to build an altar

You will also be participating in a Sacred Space Meditation to assist you in creating a sense of sacredness within.

This special workshop can be held at the location of your choice with a minimum of 6 participants. Contact Katrice at 778-227-1369 to arrange a time and location.

Soul Love - Awakening the Heart Centers

You will learn how to work with your Soul and the souls of others to experience the serenity and oneness of Soul Solve, transform negative energy, release power struggles, stay true to yourself, and radiate the magnetic and unconditional love of your Soul, drawing love and all good things to you.

  • Work with your Soul to create relationships that are nurturing
  • Understand the Higher Purpose of being in relationships
  • Dissolve obstacles to love and explore the universal laws of relationships
  • Discover new ways to love

You will learn how to make your Soul a part of your daily life, tapping into its strength, light, love and other powers to assist you with daily living.

This is an experiential workshop and class size is limited.

Psychic Awareness Workshop

Have fun learning to open your intuitive psychic abilities

Katrice Balmer will be giving a short, informative talk on the psychic gifts that lie dormant within each of us - until we open to them. We all have these abilities; it only takes the desire and intention to open our own psychic channels. Katrice will then lead everyone in a guided visual meditation designed to open up these very channels.

You will learn how to expand and contract your aura or energy field and Katrice will demonstrate how you yourself can actually see how this energy shifts. Participants will each have an opportunity to practice this new skill.

You will also use your intuitive abilities to do a short card reading on your Self and one another, as demonstrated by Katrice.

This workshop is always a fun and enlightening experience. Class size is limited to 10 participants.

Katrice has been facilitating Spiritual Development and Meditation classes for the past 15 years both on the island of Kauai and in Vancouver.

If you would like to host one of these workshops at your home, I am available at your convenience. I'm looking forward to being of service.

Being Your Higher Self

A spiritual development class

During this exciting four-week course you will learn how to:

  • Be your Higher Self in your everyday life
  • Create a vision of your Higher Purpose
  • Manifest what you want on a daily basis
  • Work with Light for Healing and Growth
  • Bring enhanced creativity into your life

Each week we will open with a grounding meditation to bring you into a receptive state. We will then work with the lesson for the week, do various exercises to open more fully to your own Higher Power and close with a powerful meditation to bring you into alignment with your Higher Self.

Class size is limited to six people and classes are currently being held at:

#403 - 1872 Nelson Street (just west of Denman St.) Vancouver, B.C.

To host classes at your preferred location, to reserve your spot or for more information, contact Katrice by email, or phone her at 778-227-1369.

Private classes are available upon request.

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